Happy news.....Membership of our Officers' union(CBOU) has crossed 440 mark. Majority has been retained in both Chennai and Coimbatore regions. Majority attained in Tamilnadu.Kudos and special thanks to all the members for making this happen.- Chv-Gopinath and Ramabhadran


                                   AIS RECALLED QUESTIONS-2017
1 Short term NPA- 2 Crop seasons.
2 RBI discounts bills of first class banks at- Bank Rate.
3 B/E without date- Payable on demand.
4 Third category of Mudra apart from Shishu and Tarun- Kishor.
5 Small Service enterprises Maximum- Rs 2 crores.
6 Cent Mortgage Minimum Income- Rs 2.00 lacs.
7 Cent Swabhiman Plus- Spouse age- 55 years.
8 Interest paid to RBI on CRR balanaces- Nil.
9 Bailment of goods to secure a debt is called- Pledge.
10 Third part liability in a contract- Guarantee.
11 Guarantee is …… Liability- Contingent.
12 TDS without PAN- 20%
13 Cash DD cant be issued above –Rs 50000
14 Which is not a material operation- Crossing of cheque.
15 Intermediary person appointed for Financial inclusion- Business correspondents.
16 Cash payment of deposits cant be made more than Rs 20000.
17 Small account transactions Rs 10000 within a month- Financial inclusion.
18 Missing person declared dead- 7 years.
19 KYC updation for low risk customers- 10 years.
20 FCNR Maximum period- 5 years.
21 CC limit renewed on ……. Basis- Annual.
22 Sub standard assets will remain….. months -12 months.
23 Which of the following is not a legal action- Compromise settlement.
24 Secured portion of doubtful asset more than 3 years- 100%
25 Charge on immovable property- Mortgage.
26 Loan proposals to be sent to  CCPC- Mortgaged based loans and Edu loans above Rs 7.50 lacs.
27 Turnaround time tracker for Mortgage based loans- 6 working days.
28 In-Principle approval to be conveyed within…..- 24 hours/One day.
29 Limitation period of DPN- 3 years from the date of execution.
30 Limitation period for Mortgage- 12 years from the date of Due.
31 Education loan Priority sector definition- Rs 10.00 lacs.
32 Negative NWC- Excess of Current liability over current assets.
33 Premium payable on NCGTC education loans- 0.50% of loan.
34 Balance sheet reflects- What a firm owns and Owes.
35 Which is not an hypothecation- Shares and debentures.
36 Why hypothecation registered with RTO- To avoid selling of vehicle without the knowledge of the bank.
37 RTGS Mininum amount- Rs 2.00 lacs
38 Code required for RTGS-IFSC.
39 OD top up facility under Housing loan,Minimum- Rs 2.00 lacs.
40 Condition for availing Cent Home plus- Existing HL borrower for atleast 3 years without default.
41 Personal loan under Cent Ratna- Maximum- Rs 10.00 lacs.
42 Personal loan under Cent Teachers- Maximum- Rs 10.00 lacs.
43 Mandate from the first account holder that he will enjoy all the rights till his death- F or S.
44 In a E or S account, if one dies amount will paid to – Surviving account holder.
45 Relationship in terms of deposit account – Banker-Customer-Dr Creditor
46 Relationship in terms of Garnishee order- Banker-Customer-Dr Creditor.
47 Single party exposure for infrastructure- 20%.
48 NRLM- SHG numbers- 15-20.
49 NRLM without security- Rs 10.00 lacs.
50 Cent trade- Computation- …….. of Projected annual turnover- 20%
51 CKCC without collateral- Rs 1.00 lac.(Tie up means- Rs 3.00 lacs)
52 Cent School for HNI customers –Maximum- Rs 10.00 lacs
53 Cent Earnest money deposit scheme- Repayment- 180 days.
54 DICGC premium borne by whom- Respective Banks.
55 Education loan Margin beyond Rs 4.00 lacs- 5%.
56 Value of security for Cent Mortgage for Education institutes- 200%
57 CKCC Thatkal- Maximum Rs 50000.
58 Cent Rental –Maximum Rs 10.00 crores.
59 Margin for Gold loans- 20%
60 HL margin upto Rs 20.00 lacs- 10%
61 Future Receivables- Minimum loan amount- Rs 25.00 lacs.
62 Ombudsman compensation for Credit Card- Rs 1.00 lac.
63 Stock Rs 6.00 lacs, Limit- Rs 5.00 lacs, Margin- 25%, DP-  Rs 4.50 lacs.
64 Limit- Rs 3.00 lacs, Margin- 25%, Stock value- Rs 4.00 lacs.
65 Right to retain goods is called ….. Lien.
66 HL under Priority Sector- Repairs in urban areas and rural - Rs 5.00 lacs and Rs 2.00 lacs
67 No due certificate need not be insisted for – Rural and Semiurban.
68 CASA includes- Savings and Current account.
69 Updation of new address – Within- 6 months.
70 Which one of the following is an Operational risk- Systems, Frauds, Internal matters…-All the above.
71 Repayment for Cent Home Double Plus- 30 years.
72 Maximum period for TL Cent Mortgage- 10 years.
73 Kharif premium amount- 2%
74 Which one the crossing cant be negotiated- Payable to bank.
75 JLG incentive-Rs 2000