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                                   AIS RECALLED QUESTIONS-2017
1 Short term NPA- 2 Crop seasons.
2 RBI discounts bills of first class banks at- Bank Rate.
3 B/E without date- Payable on demand.
4 Third category of Mudra apart from Shishu and Tarun- Kishor.
5 Small Service enterprises Maximum- Rs 2 crores.
6 Cent Mortgage Minimum Income- Rs 2.00 lacs.
7 Cent Swabhiman Plus- Spouse age- 55 years.
8 Interest paid to RBI on CRR balanaces- Nil.
9 Bailment of goods to secure a debt is called- Pledge.
10 Third part liability in a contract- Guarantee.
11 Guarantee is …… Liability- Contingent.
12 TDS without PAN- 20%
13 Cash DD cant be issued above –Rs 50000
14 Which is not a material operation- Crossing of cheque.
15 Intermediary person appointed for Financial inclusion- Business correspondents.
16 Cash payment of deposits cant be made more than Rs 20000.
17 Small account transactions Rs 10000 within a month- Financial inclusion.
18 Missing person declared dead- 7 years.
19 KYC updation for low risk customers- 10 years.
20 FCNR Maximum period- 5 years.
21 CC limit renewed on ……. Basis- Annual.
22 Sub standard assets will remain….. months -12 months.
23 Which of the following is not a legal action- Compromise settlement.
24 Secured portion of doubtful asset more than 3 years- 100%
25 Charge on immovable property- Mortgage.
26 Loan proposals to be sent to  CCPC- Mortgaged based loans and Edu loans above Rs 7.50 lacs.
27 Turnaround time tracker for Mortgage based loans- 6 working days.
28 In-Principle approval to be conveyed within…..- 24 hours/One day.
29 Limitation period of DPN- 3 years from the date of execution.
30 Limitation period for Mortgage- 12 years from the date of Due.
31 Education loan Priority sector definition- Rs 10.00 lacs.
32 Negative NWC- Excess of Current liability over current assets.
33 Premium payable on NCGTC education loans- 0.50% of loan.
34 Balance sheet reflects- What a firm owns and Owes.
35 Which is not an hypothecation- Shares and debentures.
36 Why hypothecation registered with RTO- To avoid selling of vehicle without the knowledge of the bank.
37 RTGS Mininum amount- Rs 2.00 lacs
38 Code required for RTGS-IFSC.
39 OD top up facility under Housing loan,Minimum- Rs 2.00 lacs.
40 Condition for availing Cent Home plus- Existing HL borrower for atleast 3 years without default.
41 Personal loan under Cent Ratna- Maximum- Rs 10.00 lacs.
42 Personal loan under Cent Teachers- Maximum- Rs 10.00 lacs.
43 Mandate from the first account holder that he will enjoy all the rights till his death- F or S.
44 In a E or S account, if one dies amount will paid to – Surviving account holder.
45 Relationship in terms of deposit account – Banker-Customer-Dr Creditor
46 Relationship in terms of Garnishee order- Banker-Customer-Dr Creditor.
47 Single party exposure for infrastructure- 20%.
48 NRLM- SHG numbers- 15-20.
49 NRLM without security- Rs 10.00 lacs.
50 Cent trade- Computation- …….. of Projected annual turnover- 20%
51 CKCC without collateral- Rs 1.00 lac.(Tie up means- Rs 3.00 lacs)
52 Cent School for HNI customers –Maximum- Rs 10.00 lacs
53 Cent Earnest money deposit scheme- Repayment- 180 days.
54 DICGC premium borne by whom- Respective Banks.
55 Education loan Margin beyond Rs 4.00 lacs- 5%.
56 Value of security for Cent Mortgage for Education institutes- 200%
57 CKCC Thatkal- Maximum Rs 50000.
58 Cent Rental –Maximum Rs 10.00 crores.
59 Margin for Gold loans- 20%
60 HL margin upto Rs 20.00 lacs- 10%
61 Future Receivables- Minimum loan amount- Rs 25.00 lacs.
62 Ombudsman compensation for Credit Card- Rs 1.00 lac.
63 Stock Rs 6.00 lacs, Limit- Rs 5.00 lacs, Margin- 25%, DP-  Rs 4.50 lacs.
64 Limit- Rs 3.00 lacs, Margin- 25%, Stock value- Rs 4.00 lacs.
65 Right to retain goods is called ….. Lien.
66 HL under Priority Sector- Repairs in urban areas and rural - Rs 5.00 lacs and Rs 2.00 lacs
67 No due certificate need not be insisted for – Rural and Semiurban.
68 CASA includes- Savings and Current account.
69 Updation of new address – Within- 6 months.
70 Which one of the following is an Operational risk- Systems, Frauds, Internal matters…-All the above.
71 Repayment for Cent Home Double Plus- 30 years.
72 Maximum period for TL Cent Mortgage- 10 years.
73 Kharif premium amount- 2%
74 Which one the crossing cant be negotiated- Payable to bank.
75 JLG incentive-Rs 2000